Saturday, 14 May 2011

Journey in Muar

Kee Tak Food Corner - Jalan Meriam

I started my journey to Johor in early morning, as the first place I reached is Muar. This small town was a little bit crowded with a traditional cultural and norm, well surprisingly I still able found some hand craft & wonderful cuisine. This Kee Tak Food Corner, located at Muar center town behind old cinema as along Jalan Meriam.The environment is very old style shop lot, well it bring back to 70-80's mood. The place consider hygiene and well serve service. 

This place full of nice fragrance of roasted duck and chicken, as well as the roasted pork. It taste so crispy and juicy till your mouth watery. Even their rice so nice fragrance which make you so appetite. They also have braised pork and "tauhu" which also can be serve here.

MXL "Man Xiang Lo" - Jalan Meriam

The next day morning, me and my friends got for breakfast. In this Muar small town, surpassingly we could able found this traditional and handmade "Dim Sum" which Guangzhou style. Is so amazingly, where is located in busy street shop lot-1st floor. Like Hong Kong people, they like to be having breakfast at upper floor rather then at ground floor because it kinds of reflected them a bit class up. Well for me, anywhere will be same as long as the foods quality are good.
The MXL - Man Xiang Lo was situated along Jalan Meriam "Tham Jiak Quek aka Glutton Street" is at corner shop lot upstairs 1st floor.

 This whole place, presented nice mood for you to enjoy your early morning "Dim Sum". To be frank you, i like a lot the environment because the service they give is friendly and warm as plus point the whole place was so hygiene and clean.

This "Ti Kuan Yin" maybe hardly you can find best serve in city because it so nice fragrance with smooth taste which no so bitter and a bit sweetness. I can tell you is a good quality chinese tea.

Hand-made bun, peanut and red bean "pau"
I can tell you, it so cute and beautiful till you can't resist to eat them......a piggy and hedgehog.

Golden Treasure Bun - a bit sound expensive but is not all

Wah...!!! Unbelievable, we able can see this type mobile "Dim Sum" tray moving around in Hongkies style !!!

Prawn dumpling and shrimp dumpling, so fresh till you thought you was in Ipoh having "Dim Sum"

Fresh white carrot cake...yummy so delicious, kinds of soft and tender texture taste; no melt in your hands but melt in your mouth....woh

Ah Tee Yong Tau Foo / Lobak - Tanjung Agas

As we walk around city and we reach a place near river as we found this stall located at Tanjung Agas food stall. You can enjoy natural scene while taking your high-tea.

This is "Lobak" which contain fish cake, spring roll, taiwan sausage..etc then they deep fried it. It really fresh and tasty. You can match it with "Ais Kacang" just a perfect match with it.

Just choose what you like !!!

Between a city and a natural place, we seem forgotten where we had to care and respect for. Sometimes it take a little bit of your time for you to remember someone and somewhere as where all the memories came from.

Hey, Mr Monkey....why you eating durian...oh my god !!!

The Muar river seem a bit muddy but the trees are so green as we never expected.

This tree so nice green & it flowers but I don't what it name, so I snap it for my deep memory.

After whole day travel here and there, I take short break underneath this giant cooling and refreshing.

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